Visitor Visa: Qualifications, Eligibility Criteria, and Application Fees

Obtaining a visa can be a challenging endeavor, often accompanied by a daunting array of regulations to adhere to and a multitude of documents to manage. At Miles Ahead, we are well-versed in these complexities, boasting a wealth of expertise and a time-tested approach that can guide you through intricate immigration processes. Our objective is to alleviate the overwhelming nature of visa applications by offering steadfast support. With a track record of impressive success, we take pride in delivering unparalleled service within the industry.

Tourist visas are designed for individuals who intend to journey to a foreign country for the purpose of leisure, exploration of tourist destinations, visiting friends or family, or seeking medical treatment. These visas come with a predefined validity period and do not grant permission for the visa holder to engage in business activities during their stay. Should travelers have business-related intentions, they are advised to apply for a business visa. However, it's crucial to note that the application process, eligibility criteria, and necessary documentation can vary significantly depending on the specific country being visited.


  • The visa is intended for individuals who wish to briefly visit a different country for purposes such as vacationing, reuniting with family, or receiving medical treatment.
  • Applicants who can show a genuine reason for their travel or who have prior international travel experience will encounter a smooth and uncomplicated process when applying for a visitor visa.
  • A majority of applicants for visitor visas are required to exhibit satisfactory financial capability to sustain themselves in the host country and to have made appropriate provisions for accommodation while holding a tourist visa.
  • While granting a visitor visa, most countries perform biometric assessments on the applicant.

Visitor Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • Documentary Identification: identification involves presenting valid documents to establish an individual's identity for official purposes such as visa applications.
  • Verification of Financial Resources: Verification of financial resources involves confirming the availability of sufficient funds to support the intended stay.
  • Clear Criminal Background: Clear criminal background entails having no history of criminal convictions or offenses.
  • Confirmation of Physical Fitness for Travel: Confirmation of physical fitness for travel involves ensuring that the individual is medically capable of undertaking the intended journey.
  • Demonstrated Intention to Depart upon Visa Expiry: Demonstrated intention to depart upon visa expiry indicates the commitment to leave the host country before the visa's validity ends.
  • Travel Schedule Itinerary: A travel schedule itinerary outlines the chronological details of a trip, including dates, destinations, and activities.

Expert Assistance for Visitor Visa Application

Miles Ahead offers essential assistance for acquiring a visitor visa to your preferred destination. Explore our website to gain insights into requirements, eligibility conditions, processing schedules, and varying duration of stays, tailored to each country's specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Indian Visitor Visa Applicants

In most countries, visitor visas do not permit employment. However, activities such as job searching and attending interviews are generally allowed. It's important to note that even part-time jobs are not permitted under a visitor visa.

Feel free to connect with our visitor visa counselors for accurate information regarding the funds required for your intended destination. Financial prerequisites for a tourist visa can differ depending on your target country and the duration of your stay. As a reference, for a 15-day visit to the USA, the estimated expenses could range between $5,000 and $10,000. Contact us to obtain the latest and precise details concerning the financial criteria relevant to your chosen country.

Typically, a tourist visa or visitor visa cannot be converted to a work visa or a resident visa. In most cases, you would need to apply for an extension on your visitor visa or return to your home country and apply for a work visa if you secure a job opportunity. However, in the USA, under certain circumstances, it might be possible to convert a B1/B2 tourist visa to a work visa if you are already in the USA and your employer offers you a professional position.

Engaging in job search activities is typically prohibited for individuals holding a visitor visa in most countries. Visitor visas are intended for temporary stays and tourism purposes, and seeking employment is generally not permitted under this type of visa. It's important to adhere to the regulations of the country you are visiting and ensure that your activities align with the purpose of your visa.