Study Abroad Finance Assistance

As your dedicated study abroad advisors, we are committed to providing the best possible guidance and support to our esteemed clients. Our mission is to ensure that the lack of financial resources does not hinder any student's study abroad aspirations.Our team of experienced consultants works closely with each student to develop personalized financial plans, tailored to their academic goals and financial capabilities. We emphasize budgeting, financial discipline, and smart planning to make the study abroad experience affordable and sustainable.

Assistance in opening GIC Account

Once you've selected the financial institution and gathered the required documents, you'll need to transfer CAD 10,000 to the bank account specified for GICs. This amount is usually the minimum required for most immigration or study permit applications.


The GIC account is crucial because the Account Balance Confirmation Letter issued by the bank is a required document to process the study visa application. This letter serves as proof that the applicant has sufficient funds available to cover their tuition fees and living expenses while studying in Canada. It shows the Canadian immigration authorities that the applicant meets the financial requirements necessary for their study permit application.


According to the Higher Education Act of 1965, students can use government-issued financial aid for study abroad if they are enrolled in programs that their home university approves. Financial aid can be used to offset costs associated with studying abroad including:

  • Program tuition and fees
  • Travel and transportation
  • Living costs
  • Health insurance
  • Passport and visa fees

Guidance on Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, providing you with invaluable academic, cultural, and personal growth opportunities. However, the cost of international education can be a significant barrier for many students.

It's worth noting that scholarship opportunities may vary from year to year, and the eligibility criteria can change, so it's essential for students to stay updated with the latest scholarship information and adhere to application deadlines. With the right support and guidance, students can unlock various scholarship opportunities that can shape their educational journey and future career prospects.

Guidance on Funds

It is important to note that each student's financial situation and requirements are unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That's why at Miles Ahead, we offer personalized guidance to students, considering their academic background, aspirations, and financial capacity.

We understand the importance of transparency in financial matters and prioritize providing accurate information to help students make well-informed decisions. With our support, students can confidently pursue their study abroad goals without worrying about the financial challenges that often come with such endeavors.


Terms and conditions:

These institutions provide international education loans on collateral and non collateral basis. Moreover, they have very flexible plans to suit the requirements of the candidate.

  • These Banks and NBFCs have more or less same terms and conditions such as:
  • There is no need for a guarantor or mortgage for loan up to INR 4.0 Lac
  • Next, there is requirement of one guarantor for loan up to INR 7.5 Lac
  • Similarly, there is requirement of mortgage of equal amount for loan over INR 7.5 Lac. The loan amount can go up to One Cr, depending on financial requirement of the course chosen.