Study in UK for Students - All you need to know!

The UNITED KINGDOM is the most sought-after destination for aspiring students who are passionate about upgrading themselves and keen on getting a global recognition. It has been providing world-class education in a variety of areas like engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance, medicine and public health. Credited with innumerable scientific researches and global scientific publications-UK has been responsible for producing the world’s very best thinkers.

This article is dividing into the following sections, which will guide the entire process step-by-step, from selecting the best university and course to successfully applying for a student visa in the United Kingdom.

Why Study in UK?

As Simon Sinek says, ‘First find your Why’! If you are convinced that the United Kingdom is the right place to pursue higher education, then this guide will help in understanding the complete process. The following points help to decide whether to study in the UK.

  • The degrees and diplomas awarded by the colleges and universities in the UK are recognized and respected all over the world.
  • Extensive choice of subjects and masters in a combination of subjects as a part of the course is available
  • The universities in the United Kingdom rank at the very top of the top-ranked universities list in the world.
  • One can enjoy the multicultural vibes and immerse themselves in the local community while living in the country.
  • One can stay in the UK for two years after graduation on a post-study work visa.

Top university:


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Sr. Name Of University QS World Ranking
1 Oxford University 2
2 University of Cambridge 3
3 Imperial College London 7
4 University College London 8
5 University of Edinburgh 16
6 The University of Manchester 27
7 King’s College London 35
8 London School of Economics and Political Science 49
9 University of Bristol Ranked 61
10 The University of Warwick 62
11 University of Glasgow 73
12 University of Southampton 77
13 Durham University Ranked 82
14 University of Birmingham 90
15 University of St Andrews 91
16 University of Leeds 92
17 University of Sheffield 95
18 University of Nottingham 103
19 Queen Mary University of London 117
20 Lancaster University 132